November 26, 2016

Deutsches Tierschutzbüro e.V.: A new rescue car for “die Tierretter”

Deutsches Tierschutzbüro e.V. is a non governmental organization which focusses on animal welfare. Since 2013 it is registered as a non-profit association. We are struggling for a better way of life for animals in all cases they are living under human influence and artificial conditions, this means pets as well as farm and companion animals.

Every day animals are getting hurt, abused and killed by human beings. But cruelty to animals does not make us look away, it lets us act. We save animals in need and spring into action when they need our help. We fight against the unbelieveable cruelty in industrial livestock farming, butchering, fur breeding and many more sectors. With remarkable campaigns we advice the public of our issues and browbeat political deciders. In addition we directly care for maltreated animals, we free lonesome bandogs, abandoned pets and rescue wounded or injured animals.

Our work charges two different levels. On the one hand we are using the instruments of public relations to increase the pressure to act on decision makers. On the other hand we take action directly and rescue animals. This direct way of practical animal welfare lobbyism is represented by our project „die Tierretter“. We give emergency aid to animals in need. A sensation caused the reporting on the rescue of baby crow „Karlchen“ in Berlin in the year 2012 for example. He was saved by our team from the track bed in Berlin Ostbahnhof-afterwards Deutsche Bahn pronounced an new guideline for the handling of animals that were involved in accidents.

The frequent release of bandogs and relief of abandoned dogs from kennels caused a sensation as well. Further, in summer 2013 „die Tierretter“ brought Deutsche Bahn to remove a construction which was build to bar pigeons of a bridge, with a length of hundreds of meters. Overall „die Tierretter“ save and rescue nearly one hundred animals per year.

Mobility is a requirement for the succesful work of „die Tierretter“. Thanks to the support of Tierschutz-Stiftung Wolfgang Bösche we were enabled to buy a new rescue car for our use in summer 2013. Our team now has the ability to reach locations particulary in the region of Berlin/Brandenburg without beeing dependent on public transport. Our car now is featured with different types of transport equipment, trapping material and other most important and useful rescue stuff. Furthermorge there is a chip reading device on board which allows us the identification of pets that are chipped. Our rescuer Stefan Klippstein is an examined animal keeper, so he can take qualified decisions on adequate operating ressources in case of emergency.

Mr. Klippstein with a scoop and a transmitter

Mr. Klippstein with a scoop and a transmitter

We are deeply grateful to Tierschutz-Stiftung Wolfgang Bösche for the fast and non-bureaucratic sponsorship! „die Tierretter“ is a project by Deutsches Tierschutzbüro e.V.. Further information you find on, and as well on facebook:

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