Construction of dry stone wall

9.6.2022 Construction of a dry wall in Hilter a.T.W.

That was a really good day at the “Open Farm Day” in the active barn for pigs For sure there were well over 1000 visitors.

Thanks to the animal protection foundation Wolfgang Bösche from Braunschweig, who financed the material for another dry stone wall. More than 20 tons of stone were used today. 16 meters of masonry, helpful for many insects, snails, amphibians, reptiles are ready. Thanks for the active participation among others to Fine Schacht (SPD), Thomas Uhlen (CDU), Torben Bextermöller, Naturforum Hasbergen (Doris & Rheinhard) and some others. It was great: people participated who were not registered at all. There was a lot going on at the farm. Thanks e.g. to Ellen Ackermann (GRÜNE), who was in charge of a very good booth of the Nature Conservation Foundation of the district OS. There were many information booths, lots to eat and drink….

The carpentry Hehemann from Melle had come up with a great action. At their action booth, nesting boxes could be made together. Another important measure for biodiversity.

16.4.2022 Construction of a dry stone wall between Osnabrück and Georgsmarienhütte

Dry stone wall and flower meadow created in the border area between Osnabrück-Sutthausen, Hasbergen and Georgsmarienhütte.

Thanks to the lovely people who plowed and worked today. That was great, a milestone!

Many thanks also to the animal protection foundation Wolfgang Bösche from Braunschweig for the financial support.

Right now, on Easter Saturday, about 11 tons of Piesberg rock and about 8 tons of mineral mix were installed in a dry stone wall within 2 hours.

This could be a nice Easter ritual. 15 more meters for biodiversity.

Important for reptiles, insects, amphibians, small mammals.

A dry stone wall is a natural heater whose stones still give off heat even on cold winter nights. Many wild bee species love such walls.

Since the beginning of the project: Approx. 45 meters created in Osnabrück.

In total: Approx. 175 meters (Ostercappeln, OS, Melle, Bissendorf). And it still goes on…