Wolfgang Bösche

Dear fellow animal and wildlife enthusiasts,

Thank you for visiting our homepage. Since the foundation was established in 2001, we have been supporting animal, nature and environmental protection projects worldwide.  

Our vision is to find and support underfunded, legit organisations which lead conservation projects that truly make a difference by improving the living conditions of animals and contributing to the bigger picture of species and habitat preservation.

We are very passionate that we select projects where all our funds and donations are directly translated into measurable, sustainable outcomes contributing to animal welfare and conservation.

If you think your organisation and project is in line with our funding criteria, please download and fill out the funding grant application.

If you are an animal person who wishes to donate but you also want to know how your donation made a positive impact, you can donate to our current projects. If you wish to donate to a specific project, please reach out to us via mail (info@tierschutzstiftung-boesche.de).

Note: For your funding application, please note the relevant requirements under the button “funding“.

When selecting suitable projects for support, we attach great importance to the purposeful and successful use of available investment income and donations.

In order to also ensure sustainability, selected projects, projects that have already been supported in the past will also receive repeated financial support will be provided on a repeated basis.