BOS e.V .: Orangutan Rehabilitation Center in Indonesia

In 1991, the rehabilitation-centre for Orangutans was founded in Wanariset in East-Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of Borneo) for the there living Orangutans that are acutely threatened of becoming extinct. These animals are illegally captured in the wilderness and sold as pets to private persons, where they are kept in a teasing way.

This situation and the destruction of the local rainforests that serve as living space for the Orangutans, have caused an extreme decrease of the population of the animals, whereby this special kind of Orangutan is now directly threatened to become extinct.

In the care station, at times are more than 300 animals that were hurt, in need or secured, are kept, cared and arduous prepared for living in the rainforest again.

The “Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation” (BOS) is the largest organisation for the protection of this type of Orangutans, worldwide. In 2001, “BOS – Deutschland e.V.” was founded by the former “jungle-doctors” Dr. Peter Collin and Dr. Eberhard Kreikemeier.