Wolfgang Bösche

I grew up in Brunswick, Lower Saxony in Germany and work as a self-employed housing contractor, managing my own rental and housing business. I had the pleasure of growing up around animals cherishing them as family members, companions and perceiving them as the intelligent, feeling creatures that they are.

Animals are facing difficulties and hardship all over the world – illegal wildlife trade, poaching and habitat destruction to name a few – and most of these problems are a result of human activity. The alarming rate of declining habitats on earth, the constant addition of species to the threatened and endangered list registers, the rising numbers of abandoned pets and incidences of animal cruelty and neglect… I couldn’t turn a blind eye.

I first became a member of a regional animal protection association in 1987 but I wanted to do more, so I founded my own animal welfare foundation in 2001.

I am proud to say that my foundation has been supporting a great variety of projects ranging from endangered species protection programs, conservation research and social education. We have formed important partnerships working together with numerous organisations from government institutions to private wildlife care centres and animal rescue foundations and will continue to live our vision.