University of Leeuwarden / Netherlands:

study project in a biosphere reserve in Madagascar

The Animal Protection Foundation Wolfgang Bösche supported a research project of the students Nadine Christiane Röttger and Fritz-Vietta in biosphere reserve managers Nara northern Madagascar. Due to our support the students were able to bring a notebook which in the end turned out to be a very helpfull tool.

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Madagascar already lost more than 80% of its natural resources. This trend definitly continues. Global climatic changes as well as the growth of the people and the increase of farming play a huge role.This alarming development, and extraordinary biodiversity particularly with many endemic species on Madagascar show how important the protection areas have become. The establishment of protected areas is an important measure in order to meet these requirements.The appointment of protected areas alone is not sufficient.Appropriate management, collaboration and the development of networks are essential for the success of nature protection areas. However, this can only be successfull if the managament plan is adjusted to the individual needs of the current situation on site. All relevant aspects have to be identified and integrated into the administration.


The Balanced Scorecard as a success measurement for systems management assessing the success and effectiveness of nature conservation measures nature conservation areas – a case study in Mananara- North, Madagascar.


On demand of the ANGAP both students Christian Röttger and Nadine Fritz-Vietta implement a case study in the biosphere reservation Mananara North. At first the management plan shall be evaluated. Furthermore both studnets have the task to check if more recources can be used without violating the protected areas. Another part of the study is to investigate to which extend the decentralizing of the biospheres management can be transfered to the local communities so that the locals are totally integrated. Next to this first object that has to be studied both students shall collect data that are to be used in a so called Balanced Scorecard. This concept includes a system of indicators, the measurement of success, but also a deliberate strategic control. It can be used by th managament as a tool to achieve their goal quicker and easier. The BSC points out all problematic aspects in the administration which then can be corrected and improved. All important aspects and areas are being analyzed and evaluated in this way so that all protected areas achieve their goal to secure the animals.


The Mana Nara North biosphere reservation designated in 1990 is within the community Toamasina on the northeast coast of Madagascar. Since the foundation of the biosphere reservation Mananara-North which consists of mangrove forests, tropical wet fields, swamplands, typical river cultivations, sandy shores with beach cultivations, and coral rives many measures have been taken for the protection of the diversity of species. Since the appointment of Nara biosphere numerous activities have been done to ensure a sustainable development, also simultaneously the protection of biodiversities go hand in hand. Therefore this area is very suitable for a study.