Animals‘ Angels e.V.: Monitoring of animal transports in Europe

Worldwide, more than 250 million animals are transported on the roads, per rail or on the seaway, every year, around 14 million animals of them in Europe. Animal welfarists want this transnational transports not to be supported by national subsidies anymore and in the long run to be forbidden. Additionally, other animal transports should not only be limited in time, but also should only be carried to the nearest abattoir.

Considering the European Union, the accentuation of provisions seems only to make sense, if the compliance with this regulations in the other European countries is controlled and monitored carefully. But many of the countries in our neighbourhood don’t have the necessary official motivation as well as the financial means.

The organisation “Animals’ Angels e.V.”, that was founded in 1998, is involved in the abolition of long-dictance-animal-transports. The members of “Animals’ Angels” escort these frontier-crossing transports that lead through several countries of Europe and often take days. Thereby they control the route of the animals, that are often meant for slaughter, until their discharge or reloading at the abattoir or cargo-harbour. If they make out offences against the animal protection laws or transport assignments, the proofs will be saved, the concerned authorities informed and the necessary official actions monitored. Additionally, the organisation wants to call attention for the bad conditions while the transport and slaughter of the animals and stands up for the battle against abuse, bother and exploitation of these animals.

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