Bruno Pet e.V .: First aid for Romanian street animals

First aid for Romanian strays Triggered by the death of a little boy in Romania in September 2013, there is a state of emergency: An unbelievable smear campaign has started.

By the euthanasia law hat came into force, thousands of healthy dogs have already been killed in often brutal ways. A large part of the population wants to eliminate the dogs as quickly as possible from the road. Therefore, the dogs are captured on a large scale by the communities and are brought to the already

crowded animal shelters. If the animal rights activists refuse to take an animal because of the overcrowding, people threaten to kill it.

In all animal shelters we know there is an immense state of emergency. There is a lack of adequate food, of care, of medical help. It is beyond our imagination what these animals have to endure. Animal welfare has certainly never been easy in Romania, but the dogs´ and cats´ misery is now worse than ever before.

Many street dogs have been devoted to the people, were fed by humans and treated kindly. These friendly, peaceful dogs are now the easy prey of the dog catchers with their brutal methods. It is shameful how they are treated now and what is done to them.

Several weeks a year, the vet Nina Schöllhorn from the “Tierärztepool” ( carries out castration campaigns so that no more suffering is born in this country, inter alia in the animal shelters of Miercurea Ciuc, Targu Mures, Suceava and Sighisora.

Of course, not only castrations take place but also other necessary surgeries such as tumour removals. Even if she will never be able to save all, she fights for every single life and works to exhaustion in the operating room.

In order to ease the animals´ life on site a bit, a truck with donations started from Lake Constance to Romania in March 2014: 30 pallets of donations with a total weight of 17 tons were collected.

These donations consist of food, blankets, dog baskets, and of course medical material. Among them, there are approximately 2000 vermin collars, urgently needed on site.

For cost reasons, these donations pallets are not stored at a forwarding agency until the transport starts but on the property of an animal rights activist near Lake Constance, which also organizes the transport. Again Sara Kohl has collected such large amounts of donations, sorted all painstakingly and prepared them for transport. At this point, we want to thank Sara Kohl and all small and large donors and volunteers very much! The donations will be distributed to the above mentioned Romanian animal shelters.

In this winter the situation of the shelter in Miercurea Ciuc was very exceptional because of the overcrowding and the wet weather. Meanwhile, 400 dogs live in this shelter. An unimaginable number compared to northern European animal shelters. Since there was no real winter in Romania – it was rather wet and cold – the kennels were submerged in water. The dogs had no dry spot anymore, everything was under water and mushy.

The dogs´ fur was constantly wet, the paws sore. Many dogs were coughing. We even had to evacuate and close some puppies´kennels. But what to do with the dogs, the shelter was already crowded. A solution had to be found immediately.

Thanks to the donation of the Animal Welfare Foundation Wolfgang Bösche we were able to react very quickly and could order several trucks of gravel. With bare hands the kennel floors were heaped with gravel, which was additionally fixed with battens, so that the gravel remains in place when the dogs run around. That way the dogs were not only helped spontaneously but also in a sustainable manner the living conditions could be improved. This renovation of the kennels prevents further injury of the animals, which now no longer have to stay on muddy ground.

The very fast help of the Animal Welfare Foundation Wolfgang Bösche has financed the above truck ride from Germany to Romania and enabled the renovation of the kennels. The “Freundeskreis Pet e.V.” ( thanks the Animal Welfare Foundation Wolfgang Bösche and its sponsors very much for the unbureaucratic assistance on behalf of the Romanian protégés.

Whoever wants to help to prevent that future life and suffering is born in this country, can support the “Tierärztepool” (vet-pool) that carries out castrations in Romanian animal shelters and also of privately owned animals free of charge during the campaigns, because finally, the un-neutered privately owned animals contribute highly to the problem of the countless street dogs in Romania.

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