Harnas Wildlife Foundation: Harnas Lion, Leopard and Cheetah Farm in Namibia

The Harnas Lion, Leopard and Cheetah Farm in Gobabis / Namibia is one of the few orphanages and supply-centres for wild animals in the world. Here, more than 200 animals in need, among them lions, leopards, cheetas, wild dogs and even baboon-babies have found loving care.


The family van der Merve has done cattle raising in Namibia for three generations and is familiar with the care, rehabilitation and keeping of orphan and maltreated wild animals for years.

Poor economic conditions in this region combined with insufficient prosecution leads to poaching of wild animals, mostly because of their meat and their skin. The international trade with furs and the hunt for trophies contribute their part to the decimation of our wild animals.


“Harnas Wildlife Foundation e.V., Deutschland” was founded in 2000 and competes as international contact for the support of this animal protection project.

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